Piano Course for Christians

Piano Course for Christians
You CAN afford fine piano lessons for your child.

Complete Piano Course in 6 levels - 6 books and 8 CDs.

The Piano course for Christians is a comprehensive music course for piano students in 6 levels - 6 course books and 8 CD's designed for the Christian student.

It teaches music reading, all music fundamentals and finger techniques for learning to play the piano.

Each of the 6 course books and their CD's are divided into 20 weekly lessons.

The beginning book and its two accompanying CD's (Preparatory Level) are $29. That's less than $1.50 for each lesson. If you use the same book and CD's again for a second child, it's basically free for the second child.

The Course goes step by step through the music fundamentals. The degree of difficulty in each course level corresponds closely to the same level in other recognized piano courses. The Lesson Plans provide hints to parents on how to encourage practice and how to assess progress.

You can give you children music lessons with these helpful, affordable Christian piano lessons.