Supplemental Materials for Prep Level

Supplemental Materials for Prep Level
These books and CDs have been carefully coordinated to go with the Preparatory Level of the Piano Course for Christians. These courses provide additional material in the form of familiar songs, finger exercises and theory books to help give the student more practice to enable the student to master each level.

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Sunday School Songs for Children (#151 Book and CD)
This course, by Madonna Woods, has been redesigned and expanded. Each of the 18 songs is organized into a lesson format making it even easier for the homeschooler to use.
Meet the Composers (#206 Book and CD)
This course has been expanded to introduce the wonderful world of classical music to children in a way they can understand and enjoy. It brings the music of the great composers to the beginning student.
Adventures in Finger Agility  - Preparatory Level  (#207 Book and CD)
This book contains 23 progressive finger exercises to develop finger strength and independence important for the piano and keyboard.
Adventures in Music Theory Preparatory Level
Madonna Woods has developed this excellent workbook to help students really learn the preparatory level music fundamentals.
My Own Christmas Carol Book (#154 Book and CD)
This 32 page book contains 15 favorite carols that are familiar to all children and are arranged in 5 finger position. Several verses of each song are included for singing and the history of each song is also included.
Familiar Patriotic Songs (#156 Book and CD)
This course by Madonna Woods has been redesigned and expanded. These 12 patriotic songs have been organized into lessons making it even easier for the homeschooler to use.
Here are 20 familiar, fun songs every child knows and loves. All songs are entirely suitable for the Preparatory Level student. They use only the hand positions and notes covered in this level. Songs include words for singing along.