How to Play Chord Inversions (#224 Book and CD)

How to Play Chord Inversions (#224 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-224

Product Description

This is an excellent course on understanding chords and their inversions and how to begin to play them easily. This course was written by Madonna Woods in her careful, thorough, yet easy to understand way.

First, learn the basics of chord construction. Then learn how any and all chords can be inverted. You will learn to recognize and play various formats of chords in familiar songs. This course begins by explaining chord construction in root position, and easy ways to identify and name all major and minor chords. Next learn first inversion chords (major and minor) and then second inversion (major and minor).

This course also covers 7th and 6th chords in root position as well as first, second, and third inversions. Many exercises and familiar songs are included so you can learn to play chord inversions with ease in either hand. The 60 minute CD, recorded by Madonna Woods, gives further explanations and lets you hear how the chords should sound. All exercises and songs are demonstrated.