Prep Level Deluxe Package #2 (7 books + 6 CDs)

Prep Level Deluxe Package #2 (7 books + 6 CDs)
Item# MWZ-170CD

Product Description

Deluxe Package #2 is the same as Deluxe Package #1 except it does not include the core Preparatory Level book and the accompanying two CD's.

Deluxe Package #2 contains the following:

Sunday School Songs for Children (MWS-151),

Meet the Composers (MWS-206),

Adventures in Finger Agility Preparatory Level (MWS-207),

My Own Christmas Carol Book (MWS-154),

Familiar Patriotic Songs (MWS-156),

Adventures in Music Theory Prep. Level workbook (MW-230)

Favorite Children's Songs (MWS-251).

This deluxe package contains 7 books and 6 CDs. If purchased separately, the total price would be $78.95.

Save $$ by ordering this package for $62.75.