Not just a piano course but an entire curriculum that doesn't cost a fortune!

Jumbo Deluxe Curriculum Package
Jumbo Deluxe Curriculum Package
Item# MWJ-177-F

Product Description

Save time and money by purchasing the entire Piano Course for Christians, Preparatory through Level 5 (MWS-179) AND the Deluxe Package of Graded Supplementary Courses (MWX-178d).

This jumbo curriculum package consists of 47 books and 41 CD's written and recorded by Madonna Woods. This represents all the courses in the main Piano Course for Christians plus all the supplementary courses that Mrs. Woods has developed.

Give your child the very best piano instruction course available and save 20% by purchasing this jumbo package.

All music, text and illustrations help reinforce Christian values. Homeschoolers will find it tailored to fit their needs. Further, the course materials can be used again by other family members.

Complete and clear explanations of music concepts so that parents can tutor their children. Prior knowledge of music is not necessary. Lesson Plans included for each level.

If purchased separately, these products would be $629.30 with CD's. So order now.