How to Play Intros and Endings #126 Book and CD)

How to Play Intros and Endings #126 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-126

Product Description

This course shows exactly how to play exciting yet easy introductions and endings to any kind of song. You will learn many different and distinctive ways to begin and end your songs, all in the rhythm, style, and mood you want in order to make your songs bright, intriguing, and colorful. It explains how to use certain chords that work like magic as introductions.

The course demonstrates ways of chording in either hand to create different effects and how to set up good chord rhythm basses in all kinds of rhythms.

This course shows the "magic" chord to use to indicate that you're going to repeat the song and the chord to end it. All examples are played slowly on the 60 minute CD so you can hear exactly how the music should sound to get the desire effect.

The 24 book is accompanied by a 60 minute CD with examples.