How to Identify Chords in Hymns #1 (#189 Book and CD)

How to Identify Chords in Hymns #1 (#189 Book and CD)
Item# MWS-189

Product Description

This invaluable course for the intermediate to advanced student on how to tell what chords are being used in the hymns in your hymnal. This 48 page book written by Madonna Woods explains how to identify the actual chords in a song and write in your own chord symbols. A step-by-step guide clearly explains how after you decide what key a hymn is in, you can then tell what chord will be in that key. Gives a “key summary” of the key for you to use in your analysis of hymns. Thoroughly explains what you must know about chords in order to identify them—how to identify triads, recognize 7th and 6th chords and chords with notes omitted. Then tells you an exact way to identify the exact names of these. Takes many actual hymns and explains, note by note, how to tell what chords are being used. Explains likely chord progressions so you can anticipate what chord will follow. You will see how chords are used in hymns, and find your understanding of harmony, and your reading and playing of hymns dramatically improved.

The accompanying CD provides more explanations and demonstrates all music.