Chording Gospel Songs By Ear for Organ (Book and Cassette)

Item# MWS-116-0

Product Description

Learn to play more than 30 chords with your left hand - instantly - and by ear! Learn how to use chords effectively in songs. Play chord progressions with both hands that will practically chord a song for you. Even learn chording in all keys.

This exciting course is full of practical answers to your questions such as how to improve and smooth out left hand chording and what chords go with what keys and why. Lean how to begin filling out melodies and chording with your right hand.

Learn chord progressions which almost act like magic chord exercises to help you chord any song almost instantly! All chords are fully illustrated.

Sixteen power packed lesson in 64 pages. The cassette is recorded by Madonna Woods and lets you hear each new step as it is carefully explained. All techniques and songs are demonstrated. We will soon have you chording like a Pro!